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RNifti::NiftiImageData::Element Struct Reference

Inner class representing a single element in the data blob. More...

#include <NiftiImage.h>

Public Member Functions

 Element (const NiftiImageData &parent, void *ptr=NULL)
 Primary constructor. More...
template<typename SourceType >
Elementoperator= (const SourceType &value)
 Copy assignment operator. More...
Elementoperator= (const Element &other)
 Copy assignment operator. More...
template<typename TargetType >
 operator TargetType () const
 Type-cast operator, suitable for implicit conversion to basic numeric types.
template<typename ElementType >
 operator std::complex< ElementType > () const
 operator Rcomplex () const
 Rcomplex type-cast operator, allowing data to be copied straight to a CPLXSXP
 operator rgba32_t () const

Detailed Description

Inner class representing a single element in the data blob.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Element()

RNifti::NiftiImageData::Element::Element ( const NiftiImageData parent,
void *  ptr = NULL 

Primary constructor.

parentA reference to the parent object
ptrAn opaque pointer to the element. If NULL, the start of the data blob encapsulated by the parent will be used

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=() [1/2]

Element& RNifti::NiftiImageData::Element::operator= ( const Element other)

Copy assignment operator.

otherAnother data element
A reference to the callee

◆ operator=() [2/2]

template<typename SourceType >
Element& RNifti::NiftiImageData::Element::operator= ( const SourceType &  value)

Copy assignment operator.

valueThe value to assign. Any basic numeric type supported by NIfTI-1 is allowed, but int is used as an intermediate type for all integers, so values unrepresentable in a signed 32-bit integer may overflow
A reference to the callee

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